Terrorism – The Long Term Solution – پاکستان میں دہشت گردی کا حل

New Laws need to be made and new actions need to be taken in light of what is happening in the country right now (or has been happening since 2001). Following are my suggestions to fix the things in the long run (Your Contributions/Suggestions are appreciated)

· FATA shall be declared Pakistan’s part officially. The Jirga and political agent system shall be run by the Government. The justice system in FATA shall be made official keeping in mind the old traditions and fair justice requirements. The grand Jirga or justice court shall not give a decision which is against Pakistan’s law. In case of such decision the Jirga member/members shall be prosecuted under the Pakistan’s law.

o   Government to declare FATA tax free zone for the next 10 years and invest in building factories and other manufacturing facilities over there.

o   After the major terrorist leaders been eliminated government shall announce amnesty to minor offenders on the condition that they give up           weapons and terrorist activities and offer them employment at the government owned factories/facilities in FATA.

o  Anyone involved in terrorism activities after this shall be captured and prosecuted under the Pakistan’s Law.

o   Government shall allocate special budget with a five years plan to make schools, colleges and universities in all the FATA agencies. These intuitions shall provide free books, uniform and facilities to students.

·         Government shall make Islamic councils which shall have half and half representation of PhD and Masters Islamic researchers and Madaris Ullamas. These councils shall consider any matter which may need the Islamic translation or Fatwa (if it is not covered by Pakistan’s law already). The council shall consider giving fatwas about anything in light of the Pakistan’s law and international standards of justice. The fatwa of the government council shall be considered the government document and lawmakers may take guidance from it. The fatwas by the councils shall be challengeable in Supreme Court of Pakistan which may change or restrict it in the light of the Pakistan’s law.

o   These councils shall exist at district, regional, and national level. In case Islamic translation (Fatwa) of a matter is needed, an individual(s) may       make the application through a properly defined procedure.

·         No Madrasas, Molvi, and Aalim shall be allowed to give a fatwa on his own about anything. If anyone is found to be involved in such activity which has (or may lead to) led to any sort of destruction, violence, and in worst cases murders/massacre, the person giving the fatwa shall be prosecuted under the terrorism act and shall be given punishment accordingly.

·         All the imams of the mosques shall be appointed by the government. They shall not be involved in any hatred speech, giving fatwas, and promoting a specific sect. One sector/neighbourhood shall only have one mosque run by the government.

·         The Friday Sermon at the Mosques shall not include hatred speech, promotion of specific sect, and terrorism. The Sermon may only be given by the government appointed Imam. If the imam needs to invite anyone else for Sermon he shall take the permission from the Islamic Council.

·         The terrorism act shall clearly state that anyone charged under the terrorism act will be persecuted in the anti-terrorism courts. The courts shall be bound to give the decision on it within 2 months. In case a capital punishment is awarded this shall be carried out within the week of the award. If an appeal is made to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court shall be bound to give a decision on it within 1 month. If appeal gets rejected the terrorist shall be given capital punishment within the week.

o   Government shall be responsible for providing extra security to judges, lawyers, witnesses and claimants of terrorism cases.

o   If needed, the identity of Judges, Lawyers, Witnesses shall be kept confidential. Moreover due to security threats the prosecution may be carried out through in camera sessions.

·         An Effective Anti-Terrorist Unit shall be made in the police. The ATU shall exist at city level of every police department. The ATU may be trained by the Army initially. In case of an incident the ATU shall be able to reach the place within 20 minutes and start action. The army shall only be called upon in special circumstances.

·         An accreditation council shall be made for all Islamic schools / madrasas. The accreditation council shall develop the curriculum to be taught in these Islamic schools. The accreditation to madrasas shall be given on the following basis,

o   All students in the madrasas shall be registered with the council with complete bio data.

o   The madrasas shall follow the curriculum developed by the accretion council along with compulsory subjects of English, Maths, and Urdu.

o   The schools shall only take students from grade five onwards. The schools shall be allowed to offer education till matriculation only.

o   Further education (after matriculation) shall only be carried out in Colleges, Universities and Degree Awarding Institutions.

o   After the necessary education the students shall go through the exam setup by the government and they shall be awarded the matriculation     degree by the government.

o   The accreditation shall also be subject to complete and transparent audit of the donations and aid received and it’s spending.

o   All the madrasas shall register with accreditation council by the end of 2016.

o   Al unregistered madrasas after 2016 shall be closed down.

o   Any registered madrasa involved in hatred speech, prompting a specific sect, or involved in terrorism shall be fined, and maybe closed down. The owner/manager/teacher involved in such act shall be prosecuted under the terrorism act.


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