Rules of Driving in Pakistan (Learning in process)


September 1st, 2013 


  1. Dont give way.. EVER
  2. Minor accident — Dont accept that you were wrong.. Never 
  3. Major accident — RUN!
  4. In the fast speed lane dont expect a taxi to give you way. move to the slow speed lane and TAKEOVER
  5. Whenever there is a car in front of you with a woman driver, honk as much as you can to confuse her – if she is not impressed and fail to notice –  go as close as possible and do the headlight dipper – — still no response—- takeover her car from the wrong side with a sharp cut…. look in the backview mirror.. she is looking.. Grinnnn.. she has noticed!
  6. On the one way road always go the “other” way.. its is expected and accepted
  7. If there are “things”.. often referred as pedestrians trying to cross the road.. speed up.. faster… dont let them cross 
  8. Car STOPS in the middle of the road situation: A man driver will get honking, angry looks, some will go as far as suggesting a couple of things for your immediate family members…… A woman driver will get 10 “bhais” per minute to help the car start again. 
  9. Technically when 4 lanes are allowed on a road.. you can make a 5th. 6th and even 7th lane.. its flexible
  10. Life is too short to indicate where and when you are turning.
  11. Beware of three “Things” that can do anything on the road 1. Motorbikes, 2. Taxis, 3. Khota Gari 
  12. Texting during driving a car is one thing…. texting while “driving” the bike is the next level indeed 
  13. Parking is not a issue, park anywhere conveniently (Courtesy Gull Zeba)
  14. In Lahore – Its not a miracle when a Riskshaw Driver pushes the car with his foot (while he drives the rikshaw)
  15. If you have not driven behind a Ching Chi atleast once in your life you dont know the meaning of staring 



2 thoughts on “Rules of Driving in Pakistan (Learning in process)

  1. True,driving in Pakistan is not easy and there are no traffic rules practically in place especially for the public transporters and truck drivers.Rules only exist on papers.People usually behave foolishly on the road and don’t bother to follow any ethics and rules while driving…

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